Saorla Houston

Saorla Houston is a Director specialising in music, fashion, beauty and documentary film.

Originally from Coleraine in Northern Ireland, she moved to London in 2010 to complete a Degree in Fashion Promotion & Imaging. In 2016 Saorla embarked on a part-time MA Degree in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths which further progressed her love of multimedia visual communication and documentary video.

Saorla has eight years experience in creating moving and still imagery within the Fashion & Beauty Industry. In 2014 she was hired as Photographic Producer at Dazed & Confused magazine, commissioning and producing fashion and beauty shoots with esteemed teams from across the fashion industry.

In 2018 she was asked to help launch the newest Dazed Media property: Dazed Beauty. As one of the founding members Saorla was able to shape the creative vision of the beauty platform — championing creativity, individuality and self-expression. As Commissioning Director at Dazed Beauty, Saorla developed and commissioned photography and video content with a focus on multimedia and multi platform content for beauty subcultures to enjoy globally.

In 2020 Saorla began working as a freelance Creative Director, directing music videos for musicians such as Raye, Baby Queen, Delilah Montagu and Camden Cox. Saorla also released a short form documentary ‘RAYE Euphoric Sad Songs’ which premiered on MTV in December 2020.

Saorla is currently Content Director at Island Records, directing and commissioning content for the Island roaster. Outside of this she directs commercial projects within music, fashion and beauty as a freelance Creative Director.

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